How Did We Start

Selby Investments (Selbydrive) started as a trading company in 1965 in the Rep of Maldives around the same period of Maldives gaining independence from U.K. (1965). Due to the absence of the most basic trade infrastructure and instruments much effort was needed to conduct international trade.

Foreign currency had to be acquired by exporting dry fish to neighboring country Sri Lanka. Maldivian Rufiyaa was not an exchangeble currency back then. The First Bank-State Bank of India-opened in 1974. Travel was by sea to Sri Lanka and then international Air Travel was accessible from there onwards and our International airport opened in (April 1966). The first modern hospital opened in (October 1967) and Tourism started in March 1972. Foreign currency appeared in Maldives with the spread of tourism.

Milestones Were Achieved

  • First Company to start imports from Singapore
  • Introduced Aluminium to Maldives(1980)
  • Introduced glass to Maldives (1980)
  • Installed the first lift in our HQ in Maldives


Product Quality - 90%
Service & Support - 80%
Experience - 70%

Words From The Company Owner

” Now 2 generations and after more than 50 years of serving our customers we still give the best to our customers. The highest quality products at the most competitive prices, backed by superior professional service and support. “

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We will be always here to help you with your products. Feel free to ask us for product guidance and more.


All our product is high in quality and heavy duty. All our products in store is from reputable brands around the world. We are extremely cautious with selecting our product suppliers.


We have more than 2 stores in Maldives and located in a convenient and strategic area. Find our stores in our contact us page.

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